Human Capital


We boost digital transformation
from human talent.

We invite you to be part of a solid state-owned company that is constantly expanding and growing, with technological projects of national scope and great impact to people‘s quality of life.

You come into a company with almost 40 years of age.

We are a company with a great track record, institutional soundness, and huge economic-financial potential, with relevant regional and national reach, and a profound commitment with user/client-focused management.

You are part of a great team.

Our human team is the driving force of the company. That is why we offer you a collaborative work environment, where you will be able to participate in different interdisciplinary projects, working remotely or on site.

What you do has a positive social impact.

We create technological solutions for large administrative environments, whose purpose is to enhance organizational management, streamline processes and benefit thousands of citizens.

We all grow if you grow.

We foster your professional growth together with our growth as a company. We accompany you in your growth as a professional with training, performance and flexibility programs that make the experience of working at ALTEC that much more satisfactory.


We are Responsibility, Respect and Teamwork.

Inquiring about commitment among our collaborators, we found consensus in the values that identify us: Responsibility, Respect and Teamwork.

Live the Altec experience. Join in to share our collaborative culture, and be part of this human group, committed with the company‘s growth.


What is your talent?

You can choose Support (Level 1, 2 or 3); User service; Functional analysis; SW Development; SW Architecture; QA; Business Intelligence; UX/UI Design; Networks and networking; Sysadmin; outdoor deployment of Infrastructure Works (FFOO, tower/antenna workers, etc.)

Development of embedded systems; assembly and installation of electronic equipment; management of products and services (parking meters, vehicle monitoring systems, geolocators, tourist information totems, etc.)

If you have leadership capabilities, you can assume roles as project/team leader, technical referent, software project architect.

To support the technical teams, articulating professionals from management, human capital, accounting, marketing, communications, safety and hygiene, strategic planning, legal affairs, among others.

Why choose ALTEC?

Because we like to work as a team in technological projects that foster the wellbeing of society, boosting the growth of each collaborator and client, as well as our own as a company.

Coming to ALTEC means being part
of Patagonia‘s technological environment

Working at ALTEC gives you the opportunity to join one of Patagonia‘s largest companies in the IT industry, with a high-complexity territorial and infrastructure scope.

We coordinate with other public and private players such as INVAP, ARSAT, ENACOM, CESSI, LACNIC and local companies that complement our products/services.

We work together with universities of the region in internships, professional training, research work, inter-institutional extension and cooperation programs.

We look for curiosity

We are interested in incorporating people who dare to proactively look for new solutions to known problems, who move with readiness and responsibility to reach the proposed goals.

We look for passion

If you are passionate about technology, you like to constantly learn and grow, and you want to work in a company that shares those same values, then, join our team!

We look for talent

To create great products, we need the power of a collective mind. We think it is vital to have the capability to clearly communicate ideas, work in coordination with others, and focus on the user/client.

We are looking for the digital leaders of the future.