Data center and Managed services

Data center and
Managed services

Adequate and efficient management of
the Data Center infrastructure

The availability of the communications and systems network is a critical element for companies. At ALTEC, we offer a flexible and scalable range of services for Network and Systems management that help optimize your infrastructure.


Resource optimization, control, and management

24X7 Support

A multi-disciplinary team guarantees that all technologies are covered against any contingency.

Maximum availability

We ensure maximum availability through a quick, simple and fully customizable solution, according to your needs.

A more competitive business

We support multi-manufacturer network electronics (routers, switches, hubs, etc.) and technologies such as Voice over IP, Virtual Private Networks, and managed devices.









Features that maximize
efficiency and control

Data centers are, without a doubt, the base of the digital world we live in. Considering the need that having these services represents for a company, we guarantee our clients top quality infrastructures.


Each data center has more than one transport provider, BGP balance and perimeter protection.


We offer our clients the highest availability and speed.

Maximum physical security

We work with banking level and top security standards for the treatment of data.


All our facilities have 24x7 security personnel, biometric control, access control traps and active video-surveillance.

Climate control

Air conditioning equipment, cooling towers and cold/hot corridor design in each server room.


All that is needed to keep our equipment at an optimal operation temperature.

Continual power systems

We make sure our data centers have redundant UPS systems, and their own power generators.


So that they guarantee the transfer of critical loads automatically, with no interruption, with high energy efficiency.


Preventive maintenance, system tuning, repetitive incidence analysis and safety copies.

Personalized reports

Services connections, registered incidences, actual availability, incidence average duration.


Complaints, breakdowns and connection failures, incidence assistance average time, service levels evolution.


Energy efficiency

We are committed with the protection of the environment, and that is why we equip our data centers with the most sustainable and energy-efficient solutions.


We have a power supply system comprised of a main power line that comes from the utility grid, and a back-up provided by an Emergency Power Generator. In turn, these systems are connected to an Automatic Transfer switch, and to another Main distribution panel that is in charge of keeping the UPS and the auxiliary systems (cooling and lighting) energized, ensuring the quality and continuity of our services.


Experience in large administrative environments

We take on the managed services of most of Río Negro's public entities: Domain servers, mail, Internet, IP centrals, among others.


Work methodology

In IT process management, the existing reference regulations and frameworks tell us “What to do“, while the ITIL methodology gives us an outline of “How to do it“.


It is a set of documents that describe the best practices and standards in processes to make the design and management of the IT Services in an organization more efficient. It is a “work framework“ for the Administration of IT Processes. This methodology is based on the quality of service, and the effective and efficient development of the processes that cover the organizations‘ most important activities. Thus, it guarantees the service levels agreed between the organization and its clients.

Our solutions

Connect your whole company, regardless of the location, empower the security of your corporate contents, and have an extensive range of professional and back-up services.

Virtual Private Hosting

Cloud infrastructure tailored to your applications

Shared hosting

High-quality webhosting

Virtual Domain Server

Resources that adapt to growth and development demands

VoIP phone

The most advances technology to transform your company

IP video-surveillance

Effective solution for video-surveillance

Data center maintenance

Infrastructure preventive and corrective maintenance

The strategic ally for our clients:
IT Support and Service Desk

We ensure the continuity of your activity with a multi-disciplinary team that guarantees, 24x7, that all our systems are covered in any contingency.

Connectivity and digital integration

We foster social and productive development with the provision of telecommunication services.


Software factory

Systems that optimize management processes in companies and organizations.


Research, development and innovation

Network, Hardware and Software comprehensive solutions, and Support to enhance operational efficiency.


Data center and managed services

IT infrastructure services to support other areas and products of the company.