Software factory


Digital transformation:
Customized software solutions

We create and develop solutions based on our client‘s needs, helping them to discover new paths in the era of digital transformation.


Why a
customized product?

IT systems simplify and streamline information in a unique way; this way, through a customized software, the client may obtain more precise results and analyses about the events of their business, accelerating the decision-making process.

Tailor-made development focuses on the business goals and needs, with agile methodologies, UX design and the use of the main programming languages, to ensure the integration, performance and scalability of the created applications.

We automate processes
We optimize results

We create high-quality personalized systems, based on a comprehensive business vision, focused on people, and in tune with the latest technological and cultural trends.

Software development

Close collaboration is the key for a successful partnership. We work from team to team to build the best solutions together.

Product discovery

All our projects start with a product discovery workshop. We work with your business‘ experts to build a Story Mapping and define a Minimum Viable Product. We design, build and launch your product in small iterations, minimizing commercialization time and increasing the return on investment.

Developments that are scalable,

We ensure the adaptability of your system to face technology changes, and facilitate the growth of your company.


We stay at the top of the market‘s information, trends and technologies to provide you with the solution that your company needs.


We have a team of IT developers, analysts, designers and engineers capable of executing projects in an agile way.

and sustainable.

It is possible to create sustainable products in the software industry, and at Altec, we take on the commitment to fully optimize resources to minimize the impact on the environment.

We make a reality out of
your business needs

Using the main development methodologies and tools, we create systems that adapt to the management processes of our clients.

Resource management

It allows better management of your company‘s resources, with the purpose to satisfy all needs and achieve timesaving in all tasks.

Web application

The integration of the application in your web allows the access to it from any device. Likewise, employees can have an internal system that facilitates collaboration and communication.

Adaptable application

Custom applications allow adaptable developments, capable of evolving according to the growth of the business. It can be adjusted when needed, in each stage of the development.

Friendly and intuitive interface

Intuitive, user-friendly interface design, with no unnecessary options and easy to learn.


The use of tailor-made tools entails competitive advantages in contrast with other companies that use commercial applications, as the design is customized and not generic.


Proprietary development allows the use of security mechanisms that are less vulnerable to attacks from third parties, compared to market applications of widespread use.


It easily integrates the additional functionalities of your needs to the existing system.


It saves time and money in the creation of a personalized application for your operational requirements.

Outstanding technologies

Features of the
customized application development

High-complexity projects for large administrative environments.

Scalable and streamlined

The system grows along with the organization. Changes and improvements are quickly reflected thanks to the use of agile methodologies.

Flexible and compatible

Applications can adapt to several platforms, such as PC, Tablet, and Mobile, and are compatible with any operating system (Android, iOS, etc.)

Secure and reliable

With the purpose of guaranteeing continuous improvement, we have a team specialized in IT security.


Iterative and incremental development

Starting with the diagnosis and functional analysis of your company‘s needs, we design systems that improve the efficiency of daily management and simplify monitoring and control.

We develop first-class products using agile methodologies, based in iterative and incremental development, where requirements and solutions evolve along time, according to the needs of the project. In this way, we can quickly adapt the way of working to the needs of the project and your business.

Our solutions

We walk besides companies on the path of Digital transformation, allowing the creation and development of applications in an automated fashion, from the self-generation of code.

Development of

End-to-end: from conceptualization and consulting to implementation and support

Development of

Multi-platform applications that run on IOS and Android systems.

Development of
and web sites

We have the latest technologies, which allow us to perform responsive work that adapts to the device.

The strategic ally for our clients:
IT Support and Service Desk

We ensure the continuity of your activity with a multi-disciplinary team that guarantees, 24x7, that all our systems are covered in any contingency.

Connectivity and digital integration

We foster social and productive development with the provision of telecommunication services.


Software factory

Systems that optimize management processes in companies and organizations.

Research, development and innovation

Network, Hardware and Software comprehensive solutions, and Support to enhance operational efficiency.


Data center and managed services

IT infrastructure services to support other areas and products of the company.